The Third “R” | Mathematics

Our math tutoring process is simple.

The first session defines the track and lasts two hours. During the first session, we analyze each student’s skills and weigh them against the course requirements, your goals and what it will take to achieve success. We mutually decide on the pathway and map out what that will look like.

We book a month at a time with the frequency having been defined from the first session. We then charge by the hour or on a package basis to best suit your needs. You pay by cash, Paypal or credit card, depending on your specific program.

Students come to our studio for each session.

Math Courses Covered Include: Pre-Algebra, Algebra I-II, College Algebra, Trig., Pre-Calculus and standardized tests SAT, ACT, GED, GRE, ASVAB, Praxis and more.

Math Nuts takes on only so many students at a time. We give full attention to your progress. The ideal way to begin is for you to schedule your first two-hour session. We work together and evaluate the fit. After the first meeting, we mutually decide on how to progress further. And, to insure that we both have skin in the game, we give you one of those two hours free. We are both invested.

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