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Math Nuts is the premier place to sharpen those math skills.

Our personalized approach is unprecedented. We only work one on one. You won’t find us proctoring a table full of students.

Not every student wants to be exposed to others. They are there to get help, and we believe that privately and in a safe environment works best. Our results are proven.

Courses Covered Include: Pre-Algebra, Algebra I-II, College Algebra, Trig., Pre-Calculus and standardized tests SAT, ACT, GED, GRE, ASVAB, Praxis and more.

Students we work with:

  • high school/home school (9th-12th) kids who need help learning a specific subject or possibly preparing for entrance exams to college
  • college students (up through Trigonometry)
  • adults who are re-entering a new career or other life situation where they need to refresh on a course possibly learn a new subject

Our studio is in SW Denver in Littleton. Find us here on Google Maps.

We invite you to call us today at (720) 507-8909.

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The Third “R” | Mathematics

Our math tutoring process is simple.

The first session defines the track and lasts two hours. During the first session, we analyze each student’s skills and weigh them against the course requirements, your goals and what it will take to achieve success. We mutually decide on the pathway and map out what that will look like.

We book a month at a time with the frequency having been defined from the first session. We then charge by the hour or on a package basis to best suit your needs. You pay by cash, Paypal or credit card, depending on your specific program.

Students come to our studio for each session.

Math Courses Covered Include: Pre-Algebra, Algebra I-II, College Algebra, Trig., Pre-Calculus and standardized tests SAT, ACT, GED, GRE, ASVAB, Praxis and more.

Math Nuts takes on only so many students at a time. We give full attention to your progress. The ideal way to begin is for you to schedule your first two-hour session. We work together and evaluate the fit. After the first meeting, we mutually decide on how to progress further. And, to insure that we both have skin in the game, we give you one of those two hours free. We are both invested.

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About Math Nuts

Our experience is far-reaching. We have been tutoring since 1985 and have worked with countless hundreds of students.

Math Nuts is made up of people who are passionate about students. This is not cliche. We really focus on destiny. It’s kind of a funny word in the math world, but mathematics is foundational to everyone’s career track. Our goal is to help people master math to the degree that their destiny requires. We see math as a means to an end and not the end itself.

Sarah Hepting | Math NutsMath Nuts was founded by Sarah Hepting. Sarah brings the wisdom and grace necessary for our success and leads the tutoring efforts.

Sarah has extensive experience tutoring students as well as time spent teaching at Red Rocks Community College. She knows and connects with students.

Our culture is a bit anti-climatic. We do not concern ourselves with big, corporate profitability or are accountable to some board (not that there is a problem with that). But, we believe that to really connect with our students and see their success, it takes a personalized approach. This is why we meet at our studio – away from distractions and any personal elements that might impede your progress.

You will find the atmosphere peaceful and conducive to our one on one approach.

Our Math Tutor Services are available in: Denver, Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Morrison, Lakewood, Englewood, Centenniel, Ken Caryl, Castle Pines and surrounding areas.

Questions? Call us at (720) 507-8909.



Owen Says:

“You dont understand what I just did with my brain. I never thought I would be able to do this stuff”.

Sarah Goes On:  

“My son went from failing algebra last year to completely understanding it and getting a 90% on a test this week. His academic confidence, not just in math, is through the roof. Sarah is truly an amazing teacher!”

Kristin (mom of High School Alg II student):

“Thank you so much Sarah!  She really loved working with you, and you helped her feel like she does know what’s going on. Her face just lit up when she told her Dad about studying w/you.”

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